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Offense/Defense bar question


9 August 2005
Question about the Offence/Defence Bar that indicates how much you want to push forward with your team, that´s beside the name indicator in-game.
You know which one I mean right? Well here´s the question:

You can change the offense/defence "strategy" in game by holding :l2: and then press :r1: /:r2: . But how do you get it to stick? If I press it up to orange colour from yellow etc, it usually only takes one second for it to pop back down to yellow. That´s annoying, so are there any set-ups or something you need to make for it to stick on the indication you want to use?


Cymru Am Byth
30 April 2002
Cardiff City
There's an option in the formation settings where you set it to manual.
I was thinking the same last night but I didn't change it. I remember doing it on an older version of the game.
I can't remember the exact place to look but have a dig around and you should find it.
Sorry I can't be any clearer at this moment.
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