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Official Konami PES6 Update?


21 March 2005
Why does Konami don't update PES6 with a option file that can be downloaded when u play online and then be transfered to memory card?

A option file with new shirts, new players, new statics and new tranfers?

Of course everyone know Ronaldo is now with Milan, but when u play online u can play with France with Zidane :S WTF?

Please Konami Update

If we make thread big maybe they wil hear us.
Especially for the PS2 fans.

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21 March 2005
Re: Official Konami PES6 Update

Misleading thread title.

This is something everyone has wanted for a long time.
Isn't it time for it than? Isn't it worth to be mentioned?
We live in 2007 and everytime we must wait for a year, everytime there are packs and option made by friends. To make a updated option file is just day work for those people! They can make updates for the pc/xboxes version and i dont mean for a option file that fixes bugs for the ps2 version because that's impossible but just a updated option file for stats,players so when we play online and offline we have updated teams. There can be two option files a year. Summer update and Winter update....

People like A. Smith on Pro 6 so unrealistic those stats. He's like a God?
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28 February 2002
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Added a question mark to the title to avoid misleadingmentationism.


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10 November 2003
i'm still shocked that they didn't released any official patch for comentary...

its kinda stupid to hear all the time " what Roma will unfold today..."


on topic: EA can so konami (small letter on front is not a coincidence...) can.
maybe they are Kan't-ami ?
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