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Official Stadia Thread


20 times 20 times Man United
13 October 2004
St. Helens, Merseyside.
Manchester United
Yeah, Sukru Saracoglu's been finished off really smartly.

My favourites include (not in order)

Old Trafford - obviously I'm a United fan, but I think it's a hugely impressive place, will look even better if they finally decide to bite the bullet and build over the railway line for the South Stand.

Berlin's Olympiastadion - historic no doubt, but the renovation brought it into the 21st century, it's possibly the classiest stadium in the world and looked absolutely majestic on WC Final night.

Reliant Stadium - Fantastically modern. From the pictures I've seen of it, it looks so massive and imposing, and it has a large amount of class as well.


Ecchi otoko
26 November 2005
Okayama, Japan
Man Utd, Stockport County
The last one is very impressive but too big for me. It would be like watching a flea circus.
The French one looks great.


Ánimo Puerta!
31 January 2007
Borussia Dortmund
Westfalenstadion (new fuckin name: Signal Iduna Park), Dortmund

The stand on the last picture is the "Südtribüne". With a staggering capacity of almost 30,000 people, it's the biggest free standing grandstand in Europe. Our homesupporters are there. :)


28 June 2002
Henley, Oxfordshire
It's not all about size chaps! Surely one of the most beautiful settings for any grounds. you can see out into the atlantic ocean from the main stand.


Just seems to have the right qualities of uniqueness & intimacy.

Ever since watching World Cup 86 as a youngster, this stadium still inspire awe


lo zio

24 October 2005
Renzo Barbera (former la Favorita) stadium, Palermo.

the last one is my avatar :)

sorry for the size of the pics.... got some problems with imageshack :)
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