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9 November 2004
Please post all your Goal,Tricks,Moves,Compilations or al other we10 vids here.
I found that the vids are all over the place and hard to it would be nice if eveyone could hare them here:)
Hope to see some awsome vids:D

here are all mine vids. goal.m1v back flip.m1v back flip training.m1v mathew feight.m1v move.m1v jump.m1v goal.m1v mathew feight.m1v back flip.m1v


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12 December 2002
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Thanks Junka ... greeeat goal by Cicotrillo !!

Do you do that only with the shoot button or with L1+shoot ???


2 August 2004
Yeah I agree this thread is a good idea so we can have all the video stuff in one place instead of all over.

That's a very nice goal indeed! 8)

I especially apart from the finishing of Totti also like the FINAL pass to him. Because the animation shows it's not a pass with inside of foot but he nicely puts the right weight/power to the pass with outside part of his foot.


6 May 2006
Guys,How do I record my goals in WE10??coz I have some seriously funny goal I scored and I wanna share it...LOL


2 August 2004
Not up to par with your usual stuff KEvo but I'm guessing it's cuz this is probably put together rather quickly.

The spinning text that appears on top to explain what this trick/goal or sequence is about makes it confusing in my opinion and takes ur attention away from what's happening on screen a bit lol.

Super nice manual throughball from Davids by the way! ;)

p.s. The black and white feature thing is nice but to use for whole thing? hmm i dont know dude. :/
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