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Offside ...



When you get an offside and the line is in RED, does that means it's a wrong call or close call or both?


All-round Bastard
11 April 2005
does anyone else feel the offside's are too strict. Sometime it must only be like a nats cock offside but it's still given


Shoe bomber
24 December 2002
Glasgow, Scotland
Rangers FC
Has anyone ever had a player that's injured keep someone onside? I have! It lead to a goal against me! If that's not a good reason for throwing your controller then I don't know what is.

If anyone still doesn't know what I mean...

You know when a player goes off for treatment? They sit at the side of the pitch. Unfortunately for me, this injured guy was keeping everyone in the other team onside despite being off the pitch! :roll:


All-round Bastard
11 April 2005
lol thats a good one i've never seen that before. That is harsh bigtime, hope you didn't concede to many lol
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