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Oliver Kahn in WE10JL?


25 July 2005
Where can I find oliver Kahn? I´ve been looking for him in WEshop and in Bayern Munich but can not find him. Is he missing or I am plainly stupid?

Rui Ramos

21 November 2005
Oliver Kahn not this one in the WE10 J-League due to the fact that his contract of image does not allow it.
The option that I have taken is it of creating it to hand copying all the databases of the WE10 or of the PES6 and this way to be able to have it.

A greeting from Spain


12 September 2003
Yokohama, Japan
I don't have WE10JL yet but maybe he is on Germany under a different name? His face and Ballack's are normally knocking around. If not maybe copy his stats etc frm WE10.


6 July 2007

This is an old thread, but for some reason I cannot post new topics? :S Anyway, does anybody have Kahn's stats and creation info from WE10/PES6? If someone could post that here or reply to me, that would be awesome, as I really want to add him to my copy of the game! Thanks a million...

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