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On-line petition for Konami's network-problems



This is ridicilous.

3 days, still can't get online for a match. I'm not going to switch to FIFA.
That's just plain stupid. The fact is that Konami's online service sucks.
Which have pissed off many many fans/players.
I would like to hear a announcement from Konami what the problem is. Are they broke?

This time, they've made themselves look like ass. I can forgive them as long as they get that bloody server working normally.

And I don't undersatnd, still, why the hell they have the server in Asia when the majority of players are in Europe.

It seems they've let us down BIGTIME.


Don't bother ur arse replying then Niller.
I know in real life that a company prefers non complaining customers to complaining customers.
It's better that Konami have a thorn in their side, then having none.


18 August 2003
Well when Leicester built their new ground it was going to be called the 'WALKERS BOWL' which is ridiculous.

This petition changed it.

So they do work in same cases!


26 October 2006
over 1000 signatures recieved on this one and an email sent to Konami:

"Dear Konami,

Due to your utter lack of competence, I have started an online petition against Konami regarding Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and more specifically the issues faced by those customers wishing to play online with your product. We demand a public apology from Konami regarding the server issue and I strongly advise you to look at the petition located here : http://www.petitiononline.com/pes6ol/petition.html

We have over 1000 signatures since the petition was formed last night, and expect many more over the following week. I, personally have made various gaming blogs such as http://www.kotaku.com and http://www.destructoid.com aware about your failings and the petition.

We are LOYAL fans of your product series, surely we deserve better treatment than this joke of an Online Network.

On behalf of thousand's of disgruntled fans.
Thank you for reading
David Christie"

(P.s. there is another petition floating about regarding a wider range of issues on the 360 thread made by someone else - please make sure to sign that too.... we WILL make them listen)


'mon the hoops !!!
12 December 2005
Celtic FC
embraceuk1 said:
a temporary problem with the network and everyone as freaking out :) lol.

temporary.??? pes 5 servers were terrible from day one, everytime you log in your getting some kind of maintenance apology... and yet problems never seems to be solved even to this day...

granted the pes 5 servers still were far better than this heap of crap, i've had 2 full games at 5 mins each game, if i try a 10 min match it always disconnects,,, also, i won both my games yet they are on my profile as draws.,,, whats up with that crap...

konami have messed up big time, and i have little faith in them fixing it,,, i hope i'm wrong but i have very little faith... i buy pes to play online mainly, if this isn't fixed soon then you'll see my game on ebay if it doesn't reach the bin first...
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