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One of the most annoying thing in PES

26 November 2006
I've noticed this a lot when I've been playing the PSP version of PES 5.

When you attempt a normal pass to one of your teammates and there is a CPU player in the way your player invariably always kicks the ball straight at/to the CPU player and he is able to intercept. This is expected and is why you have to make an angle to play the pass so it isn't intercepted.

Same situation, yet on our on the wing wanting to put a cross in and a CPU player is blocking the path to the box. 9/10 times your player will try to play the ball round the defender, which the large majority of the time just involves him kicking the ball straight off the pitch. Surely in this situation, you would accept your player kicking the ball straight into the opposition player, most likely winning you a corner or a throw, so why does the game behave differently in this situation and try and play the ball round the CPU defender?

It makes no sense to me, at least make it consistant. This was never a problem in the PS1 games, I remember ISS Pro 98 producing some great deflections on crosses which would send the ball looping over the goalie to the back post, so I'm not quite sure why this has never really crossed over to the PS2 games.

Anyone else in agreeance?


16 April 2006
I serious had those problems on the beginning. But now i dont have them anymore, if you are trying to put the ball in the box just walk te other way and get again to the other way:P
26 November 2006
I've been playing PES games for ages, so I'm not saying that I don't know a way round it. Its just that on the PSP version of the game, the control is less responsive than the console version so its a lot harder to come back inside to get your cross in without losing the ball and I don't see why I should have to when previous versions of the game have handled this situation in a much more realistic way.
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