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online game help



Did a reinstall of windows recently and updated it to sp2 and since then I cant play against anyone online.

Reinstalled the game, put the latest patch on and disabled windows firewall but now when I try to host or connect to someone it just sits doing nothing.

My router settings havent changed and its still set to forward the ports and ive also enabled the thing in the DMZ bit.

Anyone any ideas what could be the prob? Was trying to play someone who had sp1 installed if that makes any difference.



Zygalski said:
SP2 sucks. Maybe if you didn't have that, the game would work.
Yes, because securing hundreds of millions of PC's around the world to help stop spread viruses / trojans really sucks.

To actually provide a useful answer; it is very likely that since you have re-installed windows, your internal IP has changed. (so from to or something). Therefore, the DMZ settings and port forwarding settings you've made in the router will not work, as they are no longer pointing to your PC :)

Check your internal ip and re-check that the router settings point to your new internal ip
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