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online games



my cable speed is 1.5 mega bytes ...
and when i play online i oftenly have lags and also my rivals ..
hwo come is that ?
i have a really decent conection

is it conected to other stuff then proccesor ( i have 2.4 ) and screen card (ati radeaon 9600) and 512 memory card ..


PES4 Pro Gamers Academy
2 January 2005
First off I would recommend you run a Spyware check and Virus Check.

Secondly I would recommend you do a Junk File Find and Remove process you can do this with a program called System Mechanic.

Last but no means least , defrag your Hard Drives on a regular basis , Once a month should be sufficient.

You could also go to this site .. www.dslreports.com and run the Tweak Test. This will tell you if your losing packets and whether or not your RWIN is in Range.
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