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Blue Balls

I have a Linksys BEFSR41 and I was able to play PES 4 and WE8I online without any problems up until now. I haven't attempted to play either of these games online for over a month but everything was fine at that time.

There must have been a power surge or something because I had to reset the port forwarding in my router since it was set back to default for some reason. I have reset the router back to where it was when I was playing PES/WE online but now I can ONLY play as a Client but NOT a host. I have the problem with both PES 4 and WE 8I and I cannot host on either PES Launcher or PES Online. :(

I called Linksys Tech support to make sure my port forwarding settings were all correct and they said they are. I already had all the settings correct (port 5739) before I called them.

I don't understand what happened. I know there is a common problem online where people can only host and not play as a client, but vice versa?

I don't know what I did in the last month but I'm confused as to why I cannot host. I installed Wolf's latest del Lobo patch for WE 8I but I don't think that's the problem because I have done nothing to my PES 4 files recently and, as I said, I can't host with that game either.

And I read that using the NO CD crack could cause a problem too but I've been using it for both games since they've been installed on my pc and haven't had online problems.

I'm about out of ideas here. :(

Any other suggestions??

Thanks in advance

Blue Balls

Here's a followup. I AM able to host games. But I have to tell my online opponent to press the ENTER key at the online screen instead of waiting for my IP address to show up. After pressing enter, then we are able to hook up and play. I was always doing this myself when I was client but I thought this is what we were suppossed to do anyway.

Someone refresh my memory. Should the opponents IP address show up automatically as you are waiting as a client? I always thought we had to press ENTER to get the IP address to show up. If the IP address is supposed to show up automatically, then there is still something with my router that I haven't yet figured out yet.
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