Online lag in 2nd half only!?!

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10 May 2003
Dunno if anyone else has this problem but for me it happens in every online match i have that i host - 1st half is fine, but as soon as the 2nd half kicks off i get lag for the entire half!! How can this be?? The other player does not get this lag and if i do not host i get it for the whole game.
I am on a 1meg connection through blueyonder - does anyone else get this problem? It is really ruining my matches!!


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21 February 2003
If you host, you will host the first half, and then the client will host the second half.

If you're the client, the host will host the first half and then you will host the second half.

Host switches at half time, every game!


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30 November 2003
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The lag is ruining all the fun.. and I only play against green connnections! I wonder how shi**y it would be to play against a yellow/red one.
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