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Online password help


30 June 2007
Can anyone help me I've just bought a copy of this game off somebody but am unable to play it online as the password he thought it needed (he had rarely played it) is incorrect. Have tried all sorts of potential combinations and tried registering the reg code myself but it's having none of it. Is there any way round this problem or is this game now written off as unplayable online? Cheers.


30 June 2007

Hello I finally got a password sorted and just played a couple of games online. Both were very jerky though, why would this be? I have broadband and a fast computer and am not running any other progs at the time? I have installed a patch though, would that make a difference? Any suggestions welcome. Cheers.


26 April 2006
When you play online, look for the connection bars of each player. 1=Bad, 2=OK, 3=Good connection. /=No connection

Never play on 1 bar or /, the bad connection will mean your game will jump and jerk, this is called "lag".

Also lag can occur if you play someone who is cheatng, they cause lag by downloading on their computer while you are playing your match. They can only lag during the half that they host.

If you make a room and participate first(you have a blue dude holding a flag icon), this means you host the first half and are in control of the setup options(weather, match length..etc), you opponent will have a red flag for a 1v1 game, so HE will host 2nd half.

There are lost of complaints about people cheating(lagging), but don't let it bother you. There are FAR more honest players than cheaters.


i got the game and i enter a password bt its dont work wht is the password need!!! help been waiting to play this online for ages help plzzzz!!!!
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