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Online Play - Reset Password



Hiya noobie here - just wondering if there is anyway to reset the password for online play - ive got my key (i own an original) but i asks for the password - when i try register it says password already set!!!


I've just registered to post a similar problem so may as well stick it in here if that's ok? :)

After a PC death I've reinstalled the game (which I bought from Play) and tried to log in using what I am fairly sure was my password (About 6 months since I last played). I know the registration code is ok because I played online for months before my PC died.

Fair enough, I'll just use the website and change my password. But it doesn't like any of the passwords I'm sure I used.

Clearly can't register another account because the registration code is already in use (by me!).

So how the hell do you reset the password? Is it possible? And if not, how are you supposed to get back to online play? Seems daft to me.

Thanks in advance :)


Ignore my request. Just searched the interweb a bit more and found a suggestion to try the password in caps.

This seemed to work and let me reset my password but god knows why - I never had the original password in caps.


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12 February 2006
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You probably would have had it in caps originally because you put Caps Lock on to put in the registration code.

A lot of people forget to turn it back off so end up with the password in caps.
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Help for me also, I set my password at my brothers house, and have totally forgetten it, does it consist of letters and numbers, im unsure.


21 April 2006
I had Ring Up Konami and send off my booklet to prove it was a genuine copy, they send it back, new serial key, walla back online
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