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Online Ranking - What's yours?


18 August 2003
At the moment I have played about 40 games, have around 700 points and my ranking is 350 and im going up all the time

And out of about 8000 registered players I think im doing quite well! \\:o/

My name is: bluefoxTIM so if you see me gimme a bell 8)

So what ranking are you? :)


5 November 2001
It's not important (yet).

The ranking sucks so far. I saw someone in the top100 who just played an awful lot of matches (and only won 30%).

I hope this system will change when the divions get filled. Cause you always get 60 points for beating someone, it doesn't matter whether that guy is 8000th or 1st.


18 November 2003
im also play for fun ranking doesnt matter for me the only thing thats annoying is that a lot of players play with ac milan real madrid arsenal barcelona or brazil why not the lower teams thats more fun !!!


18 August 2003
Hmm, 60 points against whoever you play?

I think thats wrong. Because im sure i have had 75 points and 20 points for winning games before, i think but not totally sure


4 February 2004
Graz, Austria
60 points for a win regardless of someone is under the top 10 or behind in the ranking isn't true.

I started yesterday to play and beat someone who was I think 500 hundred places in front..so I got 192 points...

I played with Lazio - he with Barcelona..

So the ranking is not that bad!


League 1
25 February 2002
I outplayed a guy with Siena when he was Juventus yesterday... made him disconnect after 70min of no possession. hahaha!

I'm having so much fun!
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