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Online server + How to setup

Shollym PESerbia

8th year of the patch
9 August 2007
The land of champions
Boca Barça Inter MUTD PFC
Fiveserver, easy to start playing in 3 steps:

1. Register an account here: http://pesgame.net:8190
serial number you must use the one in your pes/NETWORK mode

2. Copy this 'hosts' file to your C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/ folder

Or you can modify your own system's hosts file (usually localted in C:/WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/ folder): add these two lines at the end: pes6gate-ec.winning-eleven.net we9stun.winning-eleven.net

3. Start the game, go to "NETWORK" mode. When entering "Password", you need to enter both your username (that you chosen when registered to pesgame.net), and your password, separated by the dash ("-") character.
For example, if your username is durak66, and your password is glukalovo, then you should enter: durak66-glukalovo.
(It is advised that you only use Latin symbols and digits for your usernames and passwords)

The server is currently open to everyone, and you can play with any roster you like. The only requirement is that the roster of your opponent(s) in the match room is the same, otherwise you won't be able to connect to each other and start the match.



30 July 2011
Manchester United
Whenever I try to login, after entering password and clicking on connect,it comes connection to server lost........
What do I do?


28 September 2011
Shollym how to avoid of lags in online game ,, cause i play too much matches with lags ,, Could this be opponents error ?


28 September 2011
you have to check your opponent's connection with you.

Just click on a match room and at the left of an opponent name you can find it.

Remember that ppl in your country use to have good connection with you.

a white / means that u can not play with

a black point means you have low connection with them, 90% will have lagg

2 black lines mean good connection

3 black lines excelent connection.

If you want to play with ppl that have low connection with you, both players have to set low graphic pes configuration. That would be good when we start shollym league


28 September 2011
go to your file that u have PES.

C/Program Files ....

Then you may find a file called configuration/settings or something like this, i dont remember. Here you'll find 3 options for graphic configuration: Low Med and High


17 September 2011
shollym hermano tengo tu parche 3 - 1 pegue el archivo hots en el directorio q indicas y cuando le doy shollym online se me sale del juego ayuda hermano


28 September 2011

Until the final release of Shollym patch 2011-2012 you are only able to play online in Classic.

In 2 weeks, when the final patch comes, you will be able to play club version i think.

But if you apply to UEFA Championship Tournament you will recieve a online club database earlier.


19 October 2011
FC Juventus
99% people get that problem because of this
That seems to be a bigger problem than you realize. Yesterday I manged to play four games, two with your patch but with KONAMI roster (deleted OF in folder1) and I had problems with kits (i.e. Chelsea wore Liverpool kits).

Other two with your CL 12 patch (55,57,58 afs, face & hair folders), and than I had a problem where everything was fine except team names - they were from Classic patch. And funny thing is that I've never managed to play the classic version because game crashed each time.

Other times I had mismatches with rooster, lost connection or my game crashed after Formations screen.

I've done it a dozen of times, reinstalled the game, did everything according to instructions, deleted balls folder every time, turned off the commentary and entrance scenes, normal or shollym gameplay or even scoreboards. And maybe it's the players I tried to play with but it's very, very frustrating.


28 September 2011
Shollym laggs are very disgusting in online game ,,, there is no chance to solve this problem? I cannot play on 100% that why im loosing games td

ps: I turn off all you said


23 November 2011
Ive not played for years, trying to get back into it. I installed PES6 + the Shollym patch as that is what I was told to do.

When I go into any server but Worldwide, I get Roster mismatch and people saying CTL, Deemaz and PES6009. I haven't got any of those can someone explain?

When someone does agree to play in worldwide mode, I get a lost connection every time. Could someone provide some advice thank you :)
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