Online Tournaments - Prizes could be involved



I am looking at starting an xbox 360 tournament website, one of the games played would be pro evo 6.

I need to get a few people over to my site and registered on the forums so I can get a few tournaments set up. Then once ts all running smoothly I will be looking at setting up Cash Prizes and also other prizes.

So if it sounds good to you sign yourself up at


i like it count me in, better than playing the online ranked games.

your website looks good


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Sounds good, count me in too and the team i wanna be is Liverpool, as its gonna be Premier League style. Also what prizes are you considering, a game, a games console or 40in HD widescreen. :D


Well we will have to start off with little prizes, such as cash or a game. And then if we want to get bigger stuff we will have to consider specific tournaments with entry fees, like a 32 team world cup £2-3 entry. A prize for 1st 2nd and 3rd place.
Something along those lines though.
Just want to get some tournaments ran where there is nothing at stake though first and see how it all goes.
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