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16 November 2006
Werder Bremen
hello i have had online for 3 days but why if i pick liverpool is the formation all wrong and not how i set it in edit mode? And why can't i see the correct team names and emblems like in exhibition mode?


well option files don't work online, so you need to wait for something that edits the database. if im right in saying.

Hectic Glenn

League 2
14 May 2006
Tottenham Hotspur
Data Management. Copy formation, save to a slot on your memory blocks, then copy the formation into it, by pressing the club emblem and then into one of the slots. Then you can load it when you play, and copy the formation from the memory to 'current formation' emblem, to save you time. It will 'automatically load' it after the first time doing it. Go and read the manual.

Also if you want to make the formation BY DEFAULT different, go into edit mode and change the team there, then save.
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