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Option File and Memorial Match Data


29 January 2003
Bangkok, Thailand
Manchester United
I have messed up my memorial match data and I need to know a fix for this, if possible.

I have the most updated option file and my 2 friends don't. However, we play against each other quite often and I want to give them the option file. I understand that the memorial match data is integrated into the option file so if I just copy my option file over to my friend's memory card, it wouldn't work even if I change the name of his memory card. Whenever they come over and play and they want to play against each other with my option file, it is not possible, is it? I tried pluggin my memory card in so that my file is loaded when the game is booted. However, when I take it out and plug in my friend's instead so that he can play against the other one, it doesn't work. My data seems to be in the game still.

This sounds a bit confusing, I'm confused myself. So is there a workaround or something so that the people without the option file can play with my option file?
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