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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has Watson's Winning Eleven 9 International option file. Figured could use that in WE:PES 2007, as it allows you to take WE:9I OF and convert in the WE-Data page. Unfortunately the links on Watson's webpage for the WE:9I file are now dead. Thanks in advance.



17 February 2006
i don't. but has anyone EVER got that "upload from last year's version" of to work AT ALL on the we game? i usually have a last year's version on my card when i play the new one for the first time, but have NEVER noticed any change at all when i did the upload thing.


League 2
6 August 2003
New Jersey
AS Roma
Yes. I got it to work last night. Not sure which OF I had but I did get it to copy stuff over. Although I did notice a play that said FAKE Nuno Gomes after I did it so have to check some things but it did bring over team names, player names, emblems etc.

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