Organising a League


22 April 2006
Am i allowed to organise a league on here, this will involve giving a link to my forum.

This could be classed as advertising and although it is advertising i am not doing it totally for me.

I want to give the member of evo-web to join in a pes6 league.

If not thats ok, if i can thanks.

NOTE: do not ask me about the league, i will give details about it when i make the topic on it.


C Dub
Founding Member
6 October 2001
I dont see why you cant, unless its illegal and extremely shifty. PM me a link and let me look into it and I will let you know


22 April 2006
Its not out yet but im going to set it up on my forum once pes 6 is out and people have had time to get it and get used to it ect.

Its nothing illegal, simply a table and match dates. You play your match against another person on the forum at certain dates and the league goes like that.

Only thing i was concerned about was giving the link. Is that ok then yes?

Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
Someone who asks about putting links up before just doing it anyway... I like this guy! :thumbup:
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