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Panathinaikos Thread




I am new in evo-web.I am from Greece and support PANATHINAIKOS.So I found it a good idea to open that topic as my first post.
I hope you will welcome me.:mrgreen:
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I had a boner this mrng!
18 June 2003
Cyprus / Limassol
Seabass United
Asta na pane megale....I think that vardinogiannis must find a big cliff and jump....!!! (no parachute ofcourse) Ase tora pou fevgei kai o Papadopoullos. Gia 200,000 psoro euro....EPANASTASI TORA!!!!!!!!


28 April 2006
Maybe Papadopoulos want to go to osfp...i think that we will bye 2-3 good players...
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