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Patch 100% english??



Hi guys,

when i finish my first season in master league, a couple of new talents show up in the transfer window, but they are japanese-spelled. I want to have english names for them because its no fun for me playing this way in master league. Im using an older version of fernandos patch with kosos OF.
Is this fixed in fernandos final version patch? Or is there a patch with EVERY player name in english? I dont wanna waste dvds and try out myself...
btw, thanks to the hardworking patchmakers out there, you are the greatest!

cheers loddar


c'mon please...
maybe i havent made myself clear...
is there a way to get rid of japanese names at all in masterleauges 2nd season???!

thx in advance


Waiting for the postman..
9 August 2004
Maybe the threads that explain this haven't made themselves clear??

Who knows.
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