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Patched PES6 Vs. Original PES6: how does it work?


League 2
15 July 2004
I just bought the game.
And my friend too.

Could you explain to me how should i do in order to play the game against him with the same version (possibly the patched one)?

If we patch our version, will we be able to play online?

And, what if I have a patched version and I play against a guy that has the original one?

Thanks for answers.


League 2
15 July 2004
Yes you can play a patched version against anyone online.

What do you mean?
If I play a patched version, better, a version with updated OPTION FILE, will I be able to see the new transfers?

Let's say that me and you have the same OPTION FILE.
Can we play online with updated rosters?



nah, it'll go back to the original set by the game. it's like if you play your master league team against a friends master league team, there is no development in the players.


Online the transfers are taken from your 0_text, not the option file. You can get a transfer update for online play which you apply to your 0_text. You can play against anyone with that update, the only way you cannot play against someone is it the player abilities are changed.
If you got Evolution Patch (the best patch)you can still play original PES players.


27 December 2007
Hey, talking about patches on PES 6.

How do you install them?

I installed Dkz Studio but don't know how to work it (It's in spanish)

Could people help me in how to install

1. Stadiums
2. Kits
3. Teams
4. Faces ect.
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