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patches? how do they work?


17 April 2006
real sociedad
i know how to download option files to my max drive. but what i want is to download patches uinstead. but the problem is i have absolutely no clue of how to get em. i was looking on www.pesinsight.com and all the patch stuff was just way too complicated. is there anyway of downloading patches onto youre xbox without using nero to burn dvd?
plus is soft modding safe and is it worth the bother?


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6 July 2004
Southend United!

I have a ps2 and soft-modd with a swap magic disc, but whatever the system, you can only patch a back-up copy of the original disc, you can't apply the patch to a memory card etc. It's not that hard really to apply the patch etc but you have to find a means to play it (i.e mod).

While it's cool to change everything etc with a patch, this year I've just used the original disc and edited on the option file and the kits still look great etc so if you're unsure and can find a decent option file then I'd use that instead. Earlier pro evo's were awful to edit but 5 has a decent kit maker so a patch isn't really necessary in my opinion anymore.


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2 February 2003
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Downloading the patches are easy. You just need to find a guide which explains how to patch the xbox version.

The patches should come with suitable patching instructions. Interesting choice of where to ask a question about a problem somewhere else.
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