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PC Screenshot??



Have they releaced any pc screenshots? whats going on? why very little info about pc version..XBOX HERE XBOX THERE..WHO CARES..PC.. :) maybe we will have XBOX graphics after all :p


1 September 2006
i also play pes on pc.. was wondering the same thing............. any1 seen any pc screenshots????????


Yes as we have discused lots and lots of time the PC version is as always a PS2 Port. It wont be like the 360 version....



9 April 2005
CLaM21 said:
I found some pc screenshots..i think..just look at the crowd..must be PC haha http://www.webhallen.com/pic_popup.php?id=62957&pic=44753 but looks good, the graphics i think..except crowd, look the the pic with koller..nice crowd..pics are from a swedish site for the pc pes6 game

XBOX Screenshots for sure.
Just go to Konami official website.
There they are ... screenshots of all platforms.
PS2 and PC are the same.

de.games.konami-europe.com/ GERMAN
de.games.konami-europe.com/ FRENCH

Couldn't find it in english
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