League 2
28 June 2005
Estonia, at school!
Real Madrid
I so hate it. When I get a penalty I'm sometimes disappointed because it's harder to convert a penalty than 1-1. What's up? Do you have the same problem that most of the penalties are missed or saved? Only the ones with * can score from the spot. But when the match goes to penalties, then you can score with anybody. Why do I keep missing them?


What has been surprising me for years is why Konami did actually nothing with penalty shoot out. In both aspects – technique and presentation. It remains almost on the same level as it was in 1997-version for PSone. All what we have now is just pressing square and one of only six directions. No power gauge, no curling, no accurate adjusting of direction like in simple free kick. Just stupid pressing two bottons like tossing coins. Moreover you may miss without your guilt. Even if you direct the ball into center down it may fly above the bar. I’m ready to miss due to my own fault (too strong pressed power, wrong direction etc.), but not due to computers occasional decision. The same relates to keepers moving. Only 6 direction and nothing more. Let alone the total dramatic atmosphere of penalty shoot out that absolutely ABSENT in Konami's games. No replays in penalty shoot out, no dramatin tense of keeker and keeper, just simple, messi pressing of bottons without understanding what depends on you.


6 December 2004
Blackpool F.C
i've missed around 50% of pens during as a game against the cpu and when it goes to pens after extra time then i've missed around 75-80% of them, keeper goes right way 4 time out of 5


League 2
7 August 2004
FC Internazionale Milano
Penalties is the most easy shot for me , alway score 98%. To me the way Konami put the penaltys is good its my opinion.

The hard shot or score is from free kick that is really to me make goal from free kick


Doesnt matter who takes it the keeper can take it.. put a low one down the middle.. the keeper usually goes to the sides, and if he doesnt he'll just deflect the ball giving you the opportunity to hit the rebound


4 December 2005
I Always Shot In The Meddil Of The Goal So I Score 80% From My Penalties
When I Try To Change And Shot In The right Or The Left Of The Goal I missed The Penalty So I Shot In The Middle
So I Have The Same Problem??????
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