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Pes 2019 Online Compatible Kits


22 August 2014
I have steam pes 2019 game, I tried Pte patch, smoke patch and many other kit packs, license packs, even sider, evoswitcher kitserver add-ons.. but could not find a solution to this problem. Only when I play online or while live update is on, the added-kits for unlicensed teams don't show in the game. Instead I see generic kits. Is there any kit packs or any patch online compatible? It was working very well on one of previous smokepatch versions but now, no more..


5 November 2017
After DLC 5, I can't use Pte kits online anymore.
Was able to figure out the solution by watching this tutorial by hawke:

You need to make your own database files(Team.bin, Team4.bin and the team folders with uni settings).
I just use the video as a guide but there are some other steps that is not included in the tutorial.

Then you need to use sider to get those database files in the game. The reason you need Sider is because when you play online, PES overwrites those files on your custom CPKs. Sider files can't be overwritten.

I'm sorry, if I can't give you the exact steps as I don't use this anymore to play online Friendly with real kits.
I simply use Pesuniverse options files. The kits aren't as good since it's not CPK but at least I don't experience random disconnections. That's the downside of using custom database files online.
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