Pes 21 Master League crash issue!!!


25 January 2021
hello every one ..i have a very strange issue with my pes 21 ..i have the game with the latest updates and every time i start a new master league the game crash on date 21/3 on league table ..i use evo patch but even if i try the game with no patch it is still crashes on the same date of the season 21/3 ..please any help ? this is boring and i really regret that i bought this buggy game ...


5 March 2021
you can install PES 2021 Smoke Patch, they have the newest patch which can solve this problem. All you have to do is reinstall mods and patch from the beginning.


20 March 2020
After the new data pack i keep getting dummy players in majority of the squads..any helo with this will be appreciated
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