PES 4 vs FIFA 2005 in Europe Market


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15 March 2003
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7 August 2004
well a big reason could be the licesing ( england germany only fifa / spain italy fifa and pes4 so then its gameplay which of course pes wins)


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8 August 2003
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Yeah, as time goes i've been seeing alot of people here in Portugal changing from FIFA (sucks) xxxx to PES. Also the publicity about PES around here happens is more often and has more quality than than FIFA ones, example is PES5 ad that shows FMV's of the game with text saying stuff like: "best footie game ever by [MAGAZINE]. They use respected and very well known games reviews magazines. That surely earns them points.

But who cares anyways. the real footie simulation game is PES/WE.


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15 March 2003
tiktiktiktik said:
well a big reason could be the licesing ( england germany only fifa / spain italy fifa and pes4 so then its gameplay which of course pes wins)
France is the country where Konami sale the more PES in Europe and any licence about The National Team or Ligue 1 ;)


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29 June 2005
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ThomasGOAL said:
FIFA 2005 win in :
England and Gernamy
FFS!!! thats really shocking especially England :( :roll: if u asked me before that first post il'd a million and one times say We/Pes was more popular in England, my daise how wrong was i...:( :shock:


22 March 2003
Shocking for the English and Germans...shocking.

I can understand it in somewhere like America, but not here...a disgrace.

An utter disgrace.


its mums and dads that want to by a xmas prezzie for their little ones in the UK.

no self respecting gamer would choose FIFA over PES.

and to that note has anyone tried FIFA '06.......its absolutly hideous!!!!


28 June 2002
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I haven't played either game yet (bar the PES5 demo) so thought it fairer to comment on the marketing approach.

The ad for Fifa 06 sums it up really - Man Utd 4 Brazil 1 - how many Pro Evo fans are likely to play a match that has no basis in reality ?

Fairplay to EA, they have at least picked two of the more facially challenged of players to advertise the game rather than a more obvious Beckham/Pretty Boy, but it's abundantly clear that they are still clearly aiming their game at the younger casual football fan as j4yc3e points out.




just picked up a couple of copies of PES5 from GAME in Wimbledon.

As i pick up my copies and walk to the counter, there are 2 guys standing infront of me looking through the GAME pre-order magazine.

I didn't take much notice of them untill they said "Shall we get PES or FIFA?"

Now i'm thinking "How the f@ck can you even ask that question!!!!" So I watch them and they decide to buy FIFA!!!

They pay for it and start walking out the shop and just as they get to me I say....

"Oi fella, come ere"

so he walks over and i say "you are the biggest dickhead in the shouldn't even have the right to own a PS2!!!

he asks "Whys that?"

i say "cause you just choose FIFA over PES, do you even know what your doing?"

so we start chatting for a bit and about 2 minutes later he says to the cashier "I made a mistake, can you swap this for PES please"



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2 February 2003
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Nice one.

But I bet he cried when he had to play teams with fake names. There should be a service for noobs (who don't know about pes forums or what a max drive is) to get the updated option file. I remember back when PES3 came out, I copied my updated option file to the store's (Gamestation) memory card and they had all updated names and kits showing on their TVs. A much better advert for the game.


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15 March 2003
Hey British !!! you continue !!! :roll:

Top UK :

1. Need For Speed Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)
2. Peter Jackson's King Kong (Ubisoft)
3. Call of Duty 2 : The Big Red One (Activision)
4. FIFA 2006 (EA)
5. Harry Potter et la Coupe de feu (EA)
6. Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (Konami)
7. The Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Buena Vista)
8. Star Wars : Battlefront 2 (LucasArts)
9. True Crime 2 : New York City (Activision)
10. Les Sims 2 (EA)
11. 50 Cent : Bulletproof (Vivendi)
12. Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories (Take 2)
13. Gun (Activision)
14. WWE SmackDown ! Vs. RAW 2006 (THQ)
15. Shadow the Hedgehog (Sega)
16. Prince of Persia : Les Deux Royaumes (Ubisoft)
17. BUZZ! The Music Quiz (Sony)
18. Call of Duty 2 (Activision)
19. World Tour Soccer (Sony)
20. Crazy Frog Racer (Ubisoft)


26 March 2003
As an American I have to say that I'm totally shocked that PES is outsold by FIFA in the UK and Germany. I mean, even kids there have a reasonable understanding of the sport to know the second FIFA comes on that they're not actually watching soccer! I agree that here in America it's all about licenses, but there - no way!


ctruppi said:
As an American I have to say that I'm totally shocked that PES is outsold by FIFA in the UK and Germany.
i'm not.

most people here care only about graphics and branding, therefore they will continue to choose fifa.

altough games magaizines, that in the past would have been brown-nosing fifa are now starting to let the public know just how utter crap it is and are swaying more and more people down the pes path...


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25 March 2005
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That's nuts fellahs!:shock:

My girlfriends been working in a gameshop over christmas. she said she hasn't seen anyone buy FIFA 2006 but has sold loads of PES5. \\:o/

Maybe finally we're all getting it right over here.


6 August 2005
oooh shit!......i live in germany......i can't believe, that there are so much dumbasses in this country who are playing a game like fifa *headshaking* :roll:


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3 August 2003
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When I look at the English server at any time there are always people online. I really thought FIFA doesn´t stand a chance in England, especially as Henry and Terry are on the cover. I´m from Germany, too and it´s no surprise to me that FIFA is still ahead of PES. All the bloody stupid kids see Ronaldinho and Rooney, they see the license and get crazy. I play Konami footie games since the first Int. Superstar Soccer on the SNES. Even back then it outgamed FIFA by miles. And the little details like Baggios hair, Valderamas hair and all that. I never understood how people still could play FIFA. But to me, it´s Konamis own fault. They sell more copies of PES every single year and they earn a lot of money. For gods sake, they should buy the bloody license and they would bury FIFA in 12 months.


15 February 2004
i heard it was out of there hands in these countries ie... FIFA EU bull saying licences can only be given to 2 clubs from the prem league....

my guess is konami hands are tied (they have been trying for years)....something like FIFA added a clause to keep a monopoly on the licences and dangling only two official clubs to make it look kinda fair....anyway i remember some article ages ago when pes4 was coming out and they coudlnt get onlone becasue of sony being arsey
(its obvious sony, fifa, ea big brand conspiracy)
ok iv let it all out lol
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