PES 5 install 2 on 1 pc


League 2
3 May 2004
Easiest way is to copy the entire PES5 folder into Konami folder so you should have

Pes 5 folder.
Copy of Pes 5 folder.

Then Go to My Documents and cut the Options files out, Start the copied game and it will look for an option file point it to FOLDER 2.
Then start the original and point it to Folder 1.

You can just copy the Install folder and overwrite the files in the copied one with any patches etc: But the option files can bugger it up so try only use option file.

Try the above and you will see what i mean. Then you can create shortcuts on your desktop to pes5 and pespatched.


Symphony Of Death

There's a tool called "morepatch" that allows you to change the folder to the exe, but it's not working on the superpatch exe, coz it's has different size than the original exe.

What can i do? to have to games patched and with different option files?
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