PES 5 online - How to...? PLEASE HELP



Bought the game today plus Network Adapter. Now I want to know how can I register a 4 letter USER ID as I saw many gamers with only 4/5/6 letters in their USER ID. I saw it in my friend´s PlayStation 2. Now I just wonder how can I register a 4 letter USER ID so I can start playing. Help me please.


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11 April 2005
To register you need to use one with 8 or above i think it is. Then after you pick you nickname, which you play with, that can be 4 if you wish ;)


So if I don´t set a nickname, my default nickname will be my USER ID right?


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28 February 2002
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You set up a username and password to connect to the service, this is completely seperate to the name people see online and I don't think it appears anywhere in the game once you've logged in.

Once that's done you get to choose a name for your player profile - this is the name that appears online everywhere and as Mattster said, can be short.


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3 August 2003
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I wanted to make up a new profile (for the Evo-web league 1) and I put in my new nick (as a profile name), but it doesn´t work. All it says is "please enter playername to set up a profile". WTF?
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