( PES 5 ) - PC VS. PS2


7 October 2002

I haven't found any consistent feedback on this so I leave this thread inviting anyone who has tried both versions (not me yet) to leave it's feedback on this comparison.

In the last versions of WE and PES the PC version was somewhat different (in my op worse). The game was apparently exacly the same, but once you went deeper you felt the difference. The main difference was probably the response time of controllers and the way it affected the game. You could try all sorts of controllers, you could even try the PS2 controller adapted to the PC... you still felt the "delay", with all the consequent impact on the gameplay.

So i leave my question to anyone who tested it enough. Did konami got it right this year? Is the PC version a real twin of the PS2 version?

go ahead and leave your insight.


19 November 2003
you tested PES4 with a logitech rumblepad controller?
Cause thats better than a ps2 ocontroller adapted to pc... its even better than a ps2 controller period.
There was no delay last year for me... neither this year


hi, i used the last year with pes4 a xbox controller adapted to pc, and it worked fine on my Windows XP. I installed a software called XCRTL and i got to regulate the sensitivity of the buttons, and it worked very well then, PERFECT!!!!

You verifies if sofware of your ps2 controller adapted to pc has some option to regulate the sensivity of the buttons.



18 November 2003
i use an ps2-to-usb-converter and have a direct control.

the pc version was released later than the ps2-version (pes5) and it has slight improvements. e.g. new animations.

last year, we8i was a lot better than pes4 and this year we9i will be better than pes5(pc). everytime the same:

we8(ps2) < pes4(ps2) < pes4(pc) < we8i(ps2&pc) < we9(ps2) < pes5(ps2) < pes5(pc) < ?we9i(ps2&pc)?

pes5(pc) = http://basti.irgendwo.org/!!pes5/szene1.avi



19 December 2002
so who has both pes5 versions (ps2+Pc) and are they playing identically?
Also is it easy to play online etc


I'm getting the same old delay, the same old choppy gameply and the same screeching sounds and sound lag

can't stop playing it though! Faster laoding times and better res than ps2

still the best version ever, jsut need to adjust to new style. I hated it when i first got it. Man the goals are beautiful and so varied now.


10 March 2004
Wolverhampton, England
The PC version blows away the PS2 version in my opinion. Maybe its cause i got a top range one but it feels so much better, better graphics, frame rate and overall feel. The ps2 feels like its to old to handle the game, and online is easier and faster. Thats my two cents after playing both versions :)


League 1
25 September 2003
Personally I prefer the PC version cause of superior gfx on laptop...also the easy editing etc! Much less hassle, better gfx and also I have found the gameplay abit more random...ie there has been afew times when the CPU has miss passed the ball in defense and gave it too me...sumfin i experienced very little in the PS2 version...there are other slight varients but I cant remember them ATM...me n my m8s were discussin this earlier LOL!


I found that in pes4, the ps2 version was less responsive and ultimatey frustrating. I use ps2 controllers on the pc and they are very responsive. I think it may depend on what adapter you use tho. the play.com adapter is a little laggy.


PC version for me everytime. Just so much smoother and more fluid, hi res graphics as well so when playing with a far camera it still looks mint. Also obviously much easier to get online with pc version.
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