PES 6 demo on Xbox Live


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3 August 2005
for all of u UK fans who dont have PES 6 for the 360 yet, the demo has been released for XBOX Live Gold Members only, silver members can get it Dec.29. i just got it and i played the demo, its gonna take me a while to get use to the xbox controller converting from a ps2 controller, but its nice. 7 more weeks for the states release


12 August 2003
Monterrey, Mexico
Yeah, the demo works on a NTSC console.

You have to create a new xbox live european account and use the free month for XBOX Live gold to download it, its 1.31 GB for 1 stadium and 4 teams .... :S


30 March 2003
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I actually lived upto promise by (still) not buying PES6 - even though it is available for quite cheap in some places. After playing the demo, I'm glad I didn't buy it - got bored after playing just one game. Konami better improve with PES7! :mad:


19 August 2004
agree xbox version is very bad ..... only good thing about pes6 is playing 2vs2 online on the PC


4 August 2004
i cant believe i am typing this ......but this game suxx.
i always knew that the next gen WE/PES game would debut on PS3.
But i was eager to see the HD graphics and tried the demo.


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13 July 2005
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Now that I was able to play the game in some form on my NTSC 360, I can say its fully shit just like it looked like from videos and crap I watched. Im glad to be playing FIFA this year, PES6 on 360 IS nothing but a pile of shit.
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