pes 6 demo


12 September 2005
y does every 1 keep deletin my threads for no1 wants the demo then!!!! cause i have now givin the link to 5 people so far! so keep on delete this because i wont put it on den!


Mersey Red Boy
26 April 2005
Liverpool FC
Come on Beaver mate send us the link and every one will believe you pal!!! I do and I haven't seen the link yet!!


League 1
28 November 2005
I believe the guy as well.Comon beaver stick the link up.Ive been on rapidshare tonight and its not on there yet


League 1
28 November 2005
malf1985 said:
He's lying.

There is no link. He would have posted it otherwise......plain and simple.
Im gunna stay up all night and wait for the guy to put out the link.I think i ll send a private message.Im that desperate for this demo


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2 August 2003
I call bullshit, got my eye on all the major FTPS and usenet, if its out there I would have seen it..... probably :)


There is no PES6 Demo yet... There is no PES6 Demo yet... There is no PES6 Demo yet... There is no PES6 Demo yet...

How many more times do I have to say it?

Wait till we get official confirmation... e.g. ThomasGOAL tells us :)



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27 July 2006
The Netherlands
finally its there

Great PS3 graphics!
Only do i see viera with wrong face? looks like pacman:S

And what about the official adidas teamgeist? man all pacman based! Konami made it but i think they gone to far!

But all in 1 i like the gameplay! Great flashlights


14 October 2004
seeing that date...i guess the pc demo will be out two or three weeks after the ps2 release...same as last year.


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30 April 2006
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go go go gunners!
speedocop said:
why is everyone believing this attention seeker
he's probably some guy with down or something cracking a spaz cuz mods keep deleting his pointless threads.

if he gave it to 5 people.. i'm sure one of those 5 poeple wouldve uploaded it by now and making lots of threads in other forums such as wevolution and soccergaming and so on.

why would you believe him?

he's just there to make you look desperate for the demo.. you all know he's bsing... with his poor gramma skills. come on, if the demo was out i'm sure a lot of other people wouldve found the demo aswell.


29 December 2004
There is no demo yet if there was everyone would know about it.
beaver what are you on man!!!!!!

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