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PES 6 Problem


19 June 2005
Germany, Bavaria
Bayern Munich
At first I have to say, that i cant speak much english, but i'll try

My Problem: When I start PES6 everything works, but when i select the editing section, it crashes. I only can play training too. On matches it crashes too..

Hope you can help meeeeee


4 October 2006
I would uninstall it and try a fresh install. If that doesn't work, make sure that all your drivers are up to date (chipset, graphics card, sound card etc) and try again. If that doesn't work let us know.


20 February 2006
I hava a problem with the game..
I play, the pc-version, with keyboard, and usually in the pes-5, I used to make a short paas with the "s" button, but in pes6 it has changed to the "x" button..
Because the "Button Configuration" shows a Play Station "Joystick", I don´t know how to change this.. I want to change "Short Pass" button, form "x" to "s"..? How do I do this??
Somebody pleeeaaaaseee help...!!
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