PES 7: Wish List


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14 December 2003
1.FC Köln/Celtic/St.Pauli
We can edit 90% of the Game, but i still wait for this since ages:

- 18 Teams in Master league Mode
- Realistic Matches on international Matches in part of the ML.
First knockout round-First leg-Second leg, Pre and Re Match, etc.
- Maybe special & realstic Champions League Mode on Cup Mode
- Longer Replaymode (min: 1 Minute)

Why can't Konami convert that?


1 June 2003
-more comentary languages
-swet players
-linesman, bench, coach and subs warmup
-360º movement
-moving hair and shirts
-phisics effect on ball and play with rain, snow, wind, etc
-better and easier volleys
-jumping pieces of grass when tackle (dirt appering)
-player voices calling teammates
-bandages on legs, arms and head when injuris
-use ex. L1 to walk player with ball real slow


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18 March 2006
-more comentary languages
-swet players
-linesman, bench, coach and subs warmup
-360º movement
-moving hair and shirts
-phisics effect on ball and play with rain, snow, wind, etc
-better and easier volleys
-jumping pieces of grass when tackle (dirt appering)
-player voices calling teammates
-bandages on legs, arms and head when injuris
-use ex. L1 to walk player with ball real slow

Good suggestions. Though "use ex. L1 to walk player with ball real slow" could easily be performed simply by tilting the analog stick very lightly, if they would finally include analog passing, movements etc. That would free up a button. :)

Also, bandages already appear when injured afaik.


League 2
11 June 2003
only time i have seen it was pes 4 sol campbell came back on the pitch with a bandage round his head


League 2
4 December 2004
Panathinaikos F.C.
More, or even better all teams licenced and faster and better change of players whenpressing L2. Sometimes it doesn't go to the closest player and the opponent run with the ball alone and unmarked....


My only wish is to find THE EGYPTION TEAM and EL-AHLY CLUb

Egypt won the african cup of nations 5 times

el-ahly club is an egyption club which won the 3rd place in the fifa club world cub


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18 March 2006
I agree. It's like they are afraid to touch the core gameplay. Instead they opt for safe tweaks while maintaining the core feel of the game. But if they don't take any chances, how long will it take till people are completely fed up?

We need alot more soccer games on the market to spice things up. I would especially like to see a developer with very high technical skills do a soccer game, where animations, colision detection systems and such are very advanced, so that EA and Konami realizes that the bar needs to (and can) be pushed alot further than the rigid 8-way running PES has today.
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tbh it would be great to have the depth of players and teams that champ manager does.

All the teams and all the players

much more refined, scouting and negoitation and transfer sim


23 October 2005
It's about time they make a change that is worth the money, i am tired of the small tweaks, we need a new commentary, new pitches, much better music, an improved master league with better transfer system, and some major improvements in the gameplay, they need to get some work done.


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30 April 2006
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i'd like better graphics, not sure about you guys but since pes4 the graphics havent significantly changed. also, use a different commentator since trevor brooking soudns so dam generic.


19 September 2006
Having the ability to do kick'ups would be cool

i remember there was an old footy game you could do them on,can't think what it was called though.
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30 December 2006
Personally I think the feature of diving should be added. I know alot of people will disagree for a number of reasons (e.g - Encouraging younger players to dive when they see this in a game) but his feature would only make the game more realistic and could lead to FREE PENALTIES :D . Even a button to delibratly handball it, If you are successfull you will get away with it, if you are caught you could get punishments. I seen this dive feature in the old football game "This Is Football" and I found it very effective and it adds more realism to the game as you see alot of players going down to easily nowadays!

Anyways another few of my suggestions are;

- Improve Master League GREATLY!
- Add more teams/leagues to the actual game
- Allow more teams in a league, when in master league
- More realistic european experiences e.g; Aggragate
- Mayby £££ rather than points (although this isn't a big deal)

Anyways I could go on all day but these are jsut a few of what I have! ;)


1 June 2003
i think all that are great ideias, but try and stick with nextgen kind take advantage improvemments like:

-grafics - better caracterize, players, referees (colina,etc), coach's (special one, capello, etc); swetting; faces, expressions; bench, warmup players, etc.

-crowds - chants, interaction, wissels, throing things (bottle, pig head :)).

-personal movements; 360 movemment.

-ball and player phisics - weight, heith, etcccc.

-capacity - more languages (portuguese (port and brasil), inglish (engl & american), spanish (sp, arg, etc)), german, etc, depending were are de fields.

all other things are valid but doable in ps2...


I love lamp
18 March 2006
ISS... Those were the days. Just as trivia, ISS'98 for the Nintendo 64 has full analog movement and analog passing, analog free curling of the ball, height of shots were determined by angle of stick (tilt) when shooting, etc etc. Alot of good ideas there for Konami to use.

ISS was also very popular if I remember correctly, so I think it is fair to assume that players are afraid to use Analog systems (whether it is running or shooting or passing).

Anyways, the graphics have to evolve now that the PS2 is no longer the common denominator. As far as I have understood the X360, PS3 and PC will now be treated the same. Which means much better graphics, and hopefully a completely new physics engine aswell (one can dream... :)).


7 August 2005
-may be more recording time to replay screen sequence
, to see any pass o any other thing before goals,
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League 2
6 August 2006
-save online replays
-improve headers animation
-disable the ability to do a cutback in every attack
-improve referees AI
-improve finishing
-control your headers better( power bar etc)
-add c.ronaldo trick. (run with ball followed by a opponent and then kick the ball behind you to change your direction and feint the opponent)

-fix servers and add more statistics to your profile
-Remove the ranking system
-improve goalkeepers AI
-Improve the "pressure" ability
-FIX stats(lower adriano stats etc)
-improve one star teams and give them the ability to pass the ball like any other team.
(every team can do shortpasses on a almost equaly level)

the list can go on forever until you have the perfect football game. but that will never happen :)
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30 April 2006
The Outback - Australia!
go go go gunners!

i want the god dam defence AI to be HARDER. top player mode is just not enough. i can beat it 4:0, 3:0 usually. its ridiculous. even using a crap team like wigan vs brazil, its just stupid how konami cant seem to make it harder.


18 January 2007
Downtown Chicago
Good suggestions. Though "use ex. L1 to walk player with ball real slow" could easily be performed simply by tilting the analog stick very lightly, if they would finally include analog passing, movements etc. That would free up a button. :)

Also, bandages already appear when injured afaik.
This is a great idea, but when would you use it. The CPU defense ALWAYS charges at you with reckless abandon.

Improved Defense from your teammates. Way too much standing around and just once I'd like to see my teammate steal as pass that goes right in front of him.

I'm all for the CPU attacks at the end of the game when they are down, but the fact that all of the sudden they become GOD LIKE is irritating as hell.

Passing also needs to be improved. I NEVER know where the pass is going. There doesn't seem to be any consistency. Hold it down longer, just tap, etc. I've gotten different results no matter what I do. This is probably the worst part of the game for me. Especially when your in your own box and no matter how long you press down on the pass/clear button the ball goes 3 feet to be taken easily by a defender making it nearly impossible to clear.

New Commentators-Peter Brackley is just boring.

More camera angles


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6 March 2007
actually, what i would like to see is the AI made better for harder levels, not the intentional degradation of your own team. While im playing in Top Player, i can usually win, but not always. This is good, but i want it to be because the defense plays well and realistically, not some random guy outrunning Eto'o and the such. Also, i know i should play on manual player switch, but i'd like to focus on the play first, and the comp like intentionally messes me up. Sometimes, it will switch to a technically closer player, but one that is in a terrible position to make a play, etc. Also, PES makes my best players mediocre. Their accelerations will be terrible, whenever they receive a pass, they act as if they're shocked they got the ball, and the comp will just make them slow enough to miss a pass, but speed them up once a defender has taken the ball away. /end rant. Sorry, but i want harder levels to mean harder opponents, not worse players of your own.


League 2
23 October 2006
-creating clubs and national teams, and players.
(creating new player is already available, but those players are classified aside konami-made player.

-improve AI.

-make it possible for players to move any direction.(now only 16 directions)



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6 March 2007
MORE SLOTS FOR TEAMS. Just thought of that. I mean, is it really that hard to have variable numbers of leagues/slots? If it is, simply correct me, i'm no coder :D


13 April 2005
Real Madrid and Arsenal
- Be able to adjust the wall

- Goalies Sometimes guessing the wrong way on freekicks(Love seeing a frozen goalie)

- More ball control animations(off the knee and shoulder etc..)


- New and Better Commentary(Martin Tyler)


FC Bayern
22 August 2005
FC Bayern
Am I the only one who notices that PES prefers small teams?
If I play online with for example Spain against South Africa, i always lose.
It's not my skill,for sure. I'm just not able to pass normaly or win only one dribbling.
I think you now about the dribbling abilities of Joaquin but against lower Teams it is just not possible to win a dribbling.

Please PES stop that... That would be great for Online Leagues if PES does NOT balance the game, i just want to show up Skill vs. Skill!

- Save Online Replays
- fix the button "To the next match" (or whatever it is called in english, match always counts like a draw after using this button)
- Fix servers BEFORE Release

But my first point is important to me, i just hate it, losing against a player who plays with Adriano in MF or holds his controller in his hands for the first time in his life
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To Konami (Like they will read or see any of this anyway!)

- 360 degree analog control
- Better collision detection
- Improved AI
- Totally revamped master league
- Better player development (Old players should lose pace, stamina and strength rather than technical skill)
- Improved shooting mechanics
- Improved, more realistic, free kicks.
- Better physics
- Less easy to go on huge dribbles
- Lower League teams (wouldn't mind if they were fake)
- Better turfs (green)
- Improve online servers
- Take action against online cheaters
- Make the cutback a LOT harder to score
- Sort player ratings out (especially Adriano)
- Bigger squads (more reserves and youth)
- Bring proper challenge training back
- New commentators (Brackley & Brooking = arses)
- LA Galaxy (For Beckham :), my favorite player)
- Better menus
- Better animations
- More tricks
- More curl on shots from open play (do they at all unless they are controlled shots or mishits on pes6?)
- Get the German league back (even if its 100% fake, even player names)
- Get the transfers up to date, like why were Varga and Wallace still at Celtic on PES6? Also the international sides, why was Page still in Wales squad? He retired from internationals ages ago.
- Wembley
- More international sides (Malta, for Mifsud :))
- Don't make Stern John halfcast, he's black! (Not racist)
- Less annoying music
- Update online transfers yourself, even EA do it!
- Better aerial challenges (Like Fifa's)
- Better throw-ins (Like Fifa's)
- Better goal kicks (Like Fifa's)
- Better Penaltys (Some sort of power/accuracy bar)
- Sort out goalkeeper AI, it's poor (Make him harder to go round)
- S-shaped C.Ronaldo free kick


31 October 2005
- Much much much much much better commentary
- Much better sounds (eg: there is only 1 kicksound)
- Less AI cheating in all it's disguised forms.
- Get rid of super cancel shit! Give us free control.
- Longer replays
- Improve throw-ins. Increase the ball accelaration, further throws,...
- unlimited team,player, sounds slots for modding.
- More posibilities to set up, control and defend corners & freekicks (eg: adjust the wall)
- Get rid of the arcade menusounds, they gave me a headaches
- Create a real PC-version instead of a console port.
- Select whoever you want on the field, not the player the game suggests.
Possible way to do this : If it doesn't select the right player, use your direction button with L1 to point the right man.
I remember Fifa had this method years ago, I dunno this is still in recent fifa versions.
- Handsball, cos I see lots of them in PES6
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24 December 2005
Tehran, Iran
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- Real Training in ML Before every matches .
- Putting some more abilities exclusive for some players .
- Making more Advanced Formation Settings .
- Make all 4 Refrees .
- Make Costume Camera . that let us change the Height ... (like fifa)
- Better Snow and Rain Renders .
- and the most important ! Making 3 Kind of Nets ... Long/Regular/Short .
- Select a player for Shooting ball from Goal after the ball Goes out ... (Goal keepers always don't shoot.)
- Better Crowds ... at least improving Texture to 512x512
- Active Bench players and Coach ... Like Training ...

Well about stadiums ... it's better that we make stadium not Konami ... Cuz Konami stad-makers make stadiums for Money but we make our Stadiums for our Love to their game not their fucking money ... so that's the Difference ...
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