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pes2010 pc online cheaters!!!


18 November 2003
i wanted to start a online cheaters topic,because i get sick of people who are in the ranks and dont deserve it after watching there statistics !!!

if konami sees that many people are top ranked with 3-0 wins all the time there is something really wrong
im gonna report all those 3-0 winners hope they will take action !!!


5 February 2010
pes2010 pc online cheaters

Ever played Planetarion? That thing really gets you by the short ones and keeps you there for a long, long time.


14 February 2010
Frankfurt am Main
F.C. Bayern München

I share this topic. There is a basic problem in the PES: If the other guy has a bad connection, it's you to suffer from it. I mean, it cannot be, that he interrupts my game by downgrading is upload rate.
It should be the other way! Am I the only one ever considered manipulating my upload rate via pc (I use XBox 360)?

And, much worse and to the root of the problem: Sometimes there is obvious manipulation in competitions. Last time, reaching the playoffs, my opponent did something to his connection. Cuz he had completed tournament in a higher result (me 9 points + 3 he 9 points + 4), he was declared winner! How can this be ?!

Personally I think Konami MUST stricten the parameters of connectibility. "justsoconnected" should not be ok and displaced by a rule, which implies a maximum of delay, which may not more often occur than three times.


15 November 2010
Greetings to everything, At us with the brother the SUPER problem! How to play ReS 2011 in Online 2-2! In 2 behind one computer against others 2 contenders???? Help please??
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