PES5: different feeling...? [long]


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15 July 2004
Ok, I tried all there:

Winning Eleven 9 and Jleague on PS2
Pro Evolution 5 on PS2 ONLINE
Pro Evolution 4 on PC ONLINE
Pro Evolution 5 on PC ONLINE

Of course the PS2 versions are the best, but you cannot play them online.
The feeling with the PS2 online version (PES5) is not as good the PC version to me.

The response on PC is better.
Now, i've played PES5 PC online for a pair of weeks, but there's something that i don't get... :/

1. Feeling on the game - response comparing to PES4
Playing PES4 online i had not the same feeling of the PS2 version, but when i got used it was good. I was able to perform a lot of tricks, lob shots, dribble, ecc. All the problems were depending on the lag.
No lag: perfect play. Lag: problems.
All normal i'd say.

Playing PES5 I have not the same feeling.
It seems that the response is less natural. I cannot perform nice lobs anymore, i cannot dribble the keeper as i did in past, ofter i try to make a feint ([]+O) and my player kicks the ball away.

What's wrong with it?
What's the problem?
Is it possible that the response is now less good as it was in the previous version?

2. Sound's lag

I don't know if this is related to the point 1.
In any case playing online (and offline too), often i have this problem. I move the cursor (let's say in the main menu) and there is a lag of few seconds between the movement and the sound.
I don't know if you understand what i mean.

In the Formation Setting menu, everytime you move the cursor, you hear a "BONG" sound, right? Well, the i hear the sound after a few seconds.

The sound is fucked EVEN playing a match.
All the sounds, the faults the referee calls, ecc are delayed.
The result is that i prefer to turn the sound OFF not to go crazy.

I tried to UNINISTALL and INSTALL the game again but i have not solved.
I haven't tried to REBOOT the pc before playnig (maybe to clean memory), but i will soon.

Any suggestion?

I'd like to have your impressions and suggestions.
Thanks for help.



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1 October 2003
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I've never experienced thet things you're saying. My PES5 is perfect online. In fact, its much better than PES4 online.
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