PES5 PC Crashing problem


League 2
6 November 2004
I had my PES5 installed on my laptop (On Win Xp), with kitserver and it worked just fine.
2 days ago I've installed Win Vista Beta 2 to try it out (but it still needs much work). I tried to run PES5 on it, but it didn't work - it tried to load, was visible in Task Manager (with 100% processor power usiage) but nothing happend.
Anyway, after testing (few hours, I couldn't stand it more, to much bugs) I've installed my Xp again. I've installed my usual hardware drivers, DX9.0c, as always (and as on the beginning).
Then yesterday evening I tried to run PES5 and bump! Doesn't work. The same thing is happening like on Vista. I tried to copy clean exe, move installation folder on other drive, but it doesn't work. I can't fully reinstall, because I've got all my cds at home.
I tried to run Half-Life Episode One to check if it's work and it works fine

Does anyone knows what may cause the problem?
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