PES5 PS2 on laptop



Fozzie makes a good point roofio..... it may be more headache that it's worth trying to get that to work.... with such a good video card, just wait an extra week and get the PC version, IMO


15 October 2002
Liverpool F. C
beanface16 said:
Dunno sorry!!

Happy Birthday to me!! Woo
me too - usually playing the latest version on my bday and i'm a bit sick that this year i'm not!

all the best mate - hope yours is half as good as mine so far - champagne breakfast, beers all morning - drunk by midday!


7 October 2002
rofio is right to try this as the PC versions are usually different from the PS2 ones, specially in terms of response, making the game much different than it looks at first glance.


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25 September 2003
its just cause ive been playing the PES5 demo, and although the game is not stuttering, it is abit...well not quite smooth and as Mauras said about the response time also.

But the main reason is because i'm at uni and dont have a TV with me!!
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