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[PES5-PS2-online] Miccoli in Benfica?



A couple of days ago I played with a guy that played with Benfica and Miccolli was in the starting eleven. I just ask how is it possible since Micolli is on Juve by default? I´ve played with benfica and there´s no micolli (online) so can someone explain this?


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22 December 2001
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Maybe you confused him with someone else, thenames are all screwed up, I play with Benfica lots of times.
If we had the latest transfers in game.. It would be awesome.
They should have an option file that loaded from the server into your mc each time you started. Everyone would have the same OF and they could update the transfers. Yeah right...


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2 February 2003
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The other guy could have patched his game and moved players around. Someone said they played against a super team online which looked like a master league team - Adriano, Henry and more in the same team.
Could lead to cheating though.


I understand now but that´s ridicolous... so we can play against someone that patched the game and put Ronaldo, R Carlos, Adriano in Arsenal? That thing would ruin the online experience :| Konami should have a system in wich the OF is always loaded from their servers everytime we play online. And they should update the OF with transfers and some players faces too.


13 April 2003
I played against a guy who was brazil, but all of his brazil team seemed to have incredible pace and skill. It was almost as though they had been edited.


22 August 2003
i patched my man u team i gave them alot of 99 speed, shot and so on. i went online got to the formation screen then connetion lost and it keeps happening every time i get man u. so i think u can swap players not edit them.


That´s good, however anyone can put a team with Buffon,Zanetti, R carlos, nesta, vieira, henry , ronaldinho and so on and that would ruin the game experience I think... :(

Anyway... how can you go online without original game? I pay with the original game, otherwise DNAs verification always fails. How can you do that? Swap Magic?
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