pes5, ps2 vrs xbox(360)


8 August 2004
I have played the ps2 version for a long time and now i have changed over to xbox 360 because i bought one. and i feel a big difference in the actual gameplay between the two versions. It feels like xbox version is a lot less accurate in receiving and trapping the ball than the ps2 version. Is there any actual facts that Konami have changed the gameplay when they converted it to xbox or is it jusat my imgaination?
It feels like i have a lot worse control of my player now when i am playing online compared to what i had on my ps2-version.
I also want to know how the ranking system works when u are playing online. It seems like the only thing that counts when u get points after a win online is what place u have on the ranking compared to your opponnent. I lost agame against a player who was after me on the ranking and i lost 113 points and he won 227 points. I dont get it jonboyo help me straighten my life out.

Xbox 360 gamertag: Carl the reaper
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