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PES5 (PSP) problem - CPU squad selection in league matches



For those who own PES5 on PSP, have you noticed that when you play another team in league mode, the computer will make stupid decisions in squad selection?


- Playing a RB in LB when that player's profile definitely says he prefers R side
- Playing a really crap young player ahead of several better players
- Some GK selections: Tottenham ALWAYS play Cerny ahead of Robinson, when Robinson is significantly better statistically. Same with David Marshall and Artur Boruc of Celtic.

Hopefully they would have fixed this in PES6...
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13 April 2006
Is it possible to check the CPU players condition.
I only can see the lineup and therefore I assume the players selected will be based on match fitness. If a player is put in his unprefered position and may be there is no better player available for that position on that game.
Can anyone shade some light on this. Is there a way of checking the condition of the cpu (oposition) players in the PSP game?
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