PES5 released sooner...fake???

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7 October 2004
14th october is a sensible guess, websites are saying 28th but they don't know for sure and are just being cautious - pes has been coming out mid october for 2 or 3 years now.

update: - you won't get anything more specific from official konami sources than that pes5 is out in october, now some places still say 28th this is obviously based on konami's vague release date, they're just playing it safe by saying the last friday of the month. also other retailers are apparently saying friday 30th september, remember fifa 2006 comes out that same day don't be surprised if they go up against each other again.
one thing is for sure though and that is pes isn't out 9th september! put it this way: if it were, and if like people claim there are only very limited stocks, the people blabbing about it on here are very stupid for letting everyone in on this 'secret' and therefore jeapordising their own chances of getting their hands on an early copy!
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27 March 2005
Nasty joke going on in pesinsight, I am sure their are going to be a few tubes Q-ing up outside HMV tommorrow morning only to be met with dissapointment.


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30 July 2005
the people who started it at pesinsight have admitted its a fake, fucking arseholes they are for spreading such crap. They are acting all defensive saying it was just fun and surely everyone must have known they were joking, id expect better because the guys who started the rumours were senior members.


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7 October 2004
well since there's still nothing more official than 'october' coming from konami, i'm hopeful (but not expectant) of a 30th september release, rather than 28th october! i saw PES5 on the advertising boards at the bernabeu last night during the real madrid game, so you can tell something is imminent!


2 November 2004
My guess is Konami will release it around the end of September. Why in the world would they give EA's FIFA 06 a headstart by a full month? Doesn't make any sense, even more when you think that basicaly they already had this game ready for launch in Europe the moment they released it in Japan.
I will probably get both games just for the fun of it, but the majority of the gamers out there will only buy just one new footballgame a year. And why take the risk that the average gamer will be tempted (for over a month) by EA's aggressive marketing to buy their inferior game?

And I agree that the PES 5 advertising around Real Madrids pitch last evening is a VERY big clue that there's something going to happen. Simple common sense says you're not spending your marketing budget like that when you're releasing your game like almost two months later, right? I bet they will make an anouncement this week... Konami loves a good fight and they're way smarter then the American powerhouse. Like Japanese nature they will probably sneak up from behind and make a surprise move and go for the kill (Metal Gear Solid style!).

And now a bit of speculation: the only explanation I could give for a later release date like the end of October is to buy themselfs more time to sort out and add some major licensing deals (Bundesliga?).


hey maybe although i respect konami very much for PRO EVO..
but yeah maybe they are reading this now and gettin ideas on what to do about realeasing the the previous post before me says...
most ppl will only buy one footy game a year (me)..and if u dont realease at the same time..then how can u compete..ppl will choose what they see as the only option cos PRO EVO isnt out...

well KONAMI...release it now...yeah i mean go to game in the UK and give it to all of em...come on jus do it..


18 March 2003
Use the PES 5 discussion thread for further comments please, thanks. A thread dealing with this rumor was already closed earlier.
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