PES5 too faster or too slower?!? READ ME!!!


22 December 2003
I want to explain something about PES series for PC versions:

I prefix, PES/WE games for pc are Total portings from PS2...
This cause, in pc, the game require more and more resource, to play it at the correct speed whereby it's scheduled originally from Konami for ps2...
The correct speed it's 60 fps (frames per second). OK?

Now, you can verify, the speed on your pc, with FRAPS, a tool you must to launch before launching the game... After, play a match and check if the yellow number displayed in the screen sign 60...
Play for some minutes, and verify if 60 is displayed in all side of the field.
If 60 is stably displayed, you can play the game at corrects speed.

ATTENTION: if fraps sign a number inferior than 60, mean, that your PC isn't able to run the game correctly; so Konami for give the game playable for most of pc, since last years with WE8i and Pes4, has adopted a little trick:
Konami has scheduled the game, so as if your pc isn't able to run the game at the speed of 60fps, the game run with less frames (skipping surplus frames).
For this motive, a pc able to run the game at 40/50fps, could give you the sensation that the game run too fast! This because, now your hardware's work is lighten than if the game goes at 60fps.
This is the cause, that in some pc the game go too faster or too slower...
Assure you that Video's filter of you Graphic card, able to play the game at correct speed, try to disable them, if not...

Another counsel:
in ps2 the game is scheduled to work with TV at 60hz; in some video cards, graphic could give little snaps...
It's good, go in:
write DXDIAG
set CHANGE WITH, and put 60 for DirectDraw...

P.S: excuse me for my poor English
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