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3 October 2006
I hope I'm not annoying too many people with this question (I don't know whether it's asked frequently).

Are there any specific differences between the pc versions of PES5 and WE9(gameplay, rosters, graphics)? I have WE9 right now but I notice that there is a popular superpatch for PES5 that appears to have updated kits and rosters so I'm a bit interested. If there is a difference in gameplay I'll probably stay away since I like WE9's gameplay quite a bit.


Yeah, I'm interested in this also. I know I'm behind the times, but been looking for a patch for WE9 similiar to the old Wolf stuff for WE8. Spent the last 2 days reading forum posts on various sites, and still not sure what is what; maybe I'm slow! :)

Thanks for anyone who can set me straight!


13 December 2002
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WE9LE the korean version plays a fair bit better than PES5, but it isnt radically different, the core gameplay is the same, but little things like the refs being more tollerent, and tighter offsides going in your favour more often, make a big difference for me.

Controls wise it does feel a touch more responsive, passing and shooting feel a little tweaked too.

The are new animations on the keepers, you get the odd one handed save now, which looks better than on PES.

whether the korean version is the version that was released in the states i dont know, but i would recomend you get hold of this by fair means or foul its worth a look.


31 October 2005
I have PES5 & WE9 (not WE9LE) and in WE9 the refs are indeed a bit more tollerant when you play on 1,2,3,4 stars difficulty. This means that won't whisle anymore when you run the ball out of your opponents feet.

On 5 & 6 stars it's the same AIcheat-infested footballgame as PES5. You'll need punkbuster for AI. :p
Passing, headers & shooting feel exactly the same imo.
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