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pes6 help :(



iv tried registering my pes6 and its saying my codes in use but iv not registered it and it was brand new from the store,has anybody had this problem? its the pc version btw


also read my pm ill sort it out for u

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1 January 2005
When I tried to register I got a failure notice saying: Valid signs are letters, numbers, "." and "-"(I got the German PC Game - sorry for the bad English), I tried again but it didn`t work because the key I entered was already in use.

Maybe somebody knows what I can do to


4 October 2006
I too had the exact same ploblem, make sure you type in the key EXACTLY as it appears on your manual - i.e. use caps where appropriate.

Should have no more problems - apart from the fact that I can't keep a connection with the main server :roll:
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