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PES6] I have problem importing balls...



Did u imported the .bin files into 0_text.afs and the .str and .txs files into e_text.afs, adn did u rebuild(save as) after import?


League 2
23 October 2006
Thank you for your answering. Um.. I imported bin files into O_text.afs, but not e_text.asf. Of course, I created new o_text.asf in another folder and copy it to the folder where original o_text belongs. By the way, must I import those files into e_text? I think e_text is related to the previews of balls, not mdl and texture of balls. I don't feel any necessity to change previews of balls that I wanted to import..
When I played PES5, by importing files into only o_text, it worked great...


I love lamp
18 March 2006
I think that is a texture problem. Try changing color depth since that seems to be what causes this in a majority of cases, or fiddle around with the colors a bit to see if it will work.


League 2
23 October 2006
I imported team geist plain and orange, but both appear white in game.....perhaps. is it related to opacity?

Trance_Allstar//thanks, I'll follow your advice... but; I don't know how to change color depth..; can you explain to me how to do it?
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