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pes6 master league online 2016


3 May 2009
Mytilene, Greece
AEK Athens, Liverpool
Hello guys, Its been already a year, I am organising an Online Master League Competion (currently 2nd MLO season) for PES6 and wanted to share with you. Till now we are only Greeks :D but hope for more ppl from other countries too. The reason im posting here is because I am creating a website to manage all this (users, clubs, players, transfers, finances etc), but i dont have the knowledge yet to create that site by myself, started learning php etc 1-2 months ago.

If someone is interested to join us in web desing things here is what i have released till now. http://pes6gr.ddns.net/mlo/viewmode/squad.php

For more info about MLO you can ask me here, glad to share with you.

There are 1-2 more ppl help me organise MLO but we dont have enough free time to control everything, so any help is welcome.
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